Monday, May 3, 2010

Lazy Sundays

After a much too gluttonous day at Costco, I am surprised that we were even able to move, let alone eat another meal. But as night began to fall, our tummies began to rumble, and we needed a quick, healthy fix. Luckily we had some frozen Salmon filets in the freezer-not quite as nice as walking down to Pike Market and picking up a pound of fresh wild Alaskan King Salmon, but it have will do here in the midwest. Add to that a generous pot of white rice, essential to any Hawaiian girl’s meal, and steamed broccoli with a light sprinkling of Wisconsin’s famous Cheese made 20 minutes away. I have to say, Wisconsin’s cows are the laziest I have ever seen- every farm you drive by, all they seem to do is lay around! Anyway, place a small pat of butter on top of each filet for rich flavor, spice with rock salt, garlic salt and black pepper and finish with a few slices of fresh lemon for a healthy yet hearty meal.  Mission complete!


  1. What a great blog. Makes me hungry! Food looks yummy...
    look forward to future recipes!